Senseo® Coffee Pods

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Senseo® Coffee Pods - Dark Roast
Full-bodied yet surprisingly smooth and flavorful.
Senseo® Coffee Pods - Medium Roast
Aromatic and rich coffee, the ideal choice for any time.
Senseo® Coffee Pods - Decaffeinated
The same quality as our Medium Roast, without the caffeine.
Senseo® Coffee Pods - Paris: French Vanilla
A mild vanilla flavored coffee blend with a hint of caramel.
Senseo® Coffee Pods - Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz
Subtle hazelnut blend with a touch of chocolate.
Senseo® Origins Coffee Pods - Sumatra Blend
Arabica beans from the mountainous regions of Sumatra.
Senseo® Origins Coffee Pods - Colombia
An aromatic coffee, with a strong, full taste.
Senseo® Coffee Pods - Kona Blend
Fruited tones, chocolaty accents and bold aroma.
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